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Fair for Building and Construction Firms

Ghana Build, International Building, Construction and Property Exhibition will be held on Accra International Trade Fair Center , where is the capital city of Ghana. More than 100 exhibitors exhibited Ghana Build, International Building Construction and Property Exhibition ,Ghanaian Building Materials and Construction Technologies Exhibition last year. Ghana , Turkey,...

Know This Before You Build in Ghana

Before building a home or commercial property, there are some important things you need to take note of. Here they are: Land Title: Before you start building on land, make sure you have the land title. Failure to acquire a land title means you do not get any monetary compensation...

Make your home your home

As Margaret Heidenry, from, explains, “Homebuilders follow your lead — not the other way around.” So unless you give them some direction, you’ll end up with the same generic house that everybody else has. The most exciting thing about building your own home is the ability to make it...